About d focus studio

Our studio is featured by a particular attention to details. We believe that it is details that shows the quality of architecture.

To achieve the quality of work and service D FOCUS has brought together a sophisticated and dedicated team of specialists. Our team consists of talented professionals highly experienced in such areas as architectural visualization and 3D animation.
We provide computer-based architecture rendering and 3D modeling, visualization and fly-through animation. We take pride in being a efficient team who can deliver high quality products with a most useful and accurate way of work.

About The Team

Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced artists who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.


IMG_0818 copy

won jong chan

Executive Director


jo wook hyeon

Animation Director

IMG_3496 copy

kim jin hak

Architect Manager

IMG_2739 copy

kang se gwon

Architect Manager

kim ki yong

Architect Manager

lee nam hoon

Technical Manager

kim seung hyun

Technical Manager

IMG_2739 copy

jung ki Lim

Technical Manager

Culture and Values

Make Time to Reflect

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Have a Bias Towards Clarity

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Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.

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Changwon City New Baseball Park
International Competition - 1st Prize

Geoje Marine Resort
International Competition - 1st Prize

Lets Run PARK Seoul
Internacional Competition - 1st Prize

Green Cross Coporation
Internacional Competition - 1st Prize

Seoul Station 7017
International Competition - 2nd Prize


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